– You’re a complete beginner to this stuff, have never tried it before and are really intrigued. You’ve decided you would love to have the ability to effortlessly approach and attract women during the day.

… I can teach you all the fundamentals and work on your attitude and beliefs. I can give you all the tools you need to get to get you up to speed. Since you’re a “blank canvas”, my model can be tailored you  more easily to your needs and I can have you where you want to be in no time.

– You’re experienced with women. Maybe you have a girlfriend currently but you feel like you‘ve settled. You want more. Your only outlet for meeting girls is through your social circle or out with friends in noisy bars/clubs. You don’t know how to meet women during the day and you find the concept a bit daunting but you would love to have the ability to do it because it would open up an unlimited amount of potential women for you to connect with.

… I can ground you in all the basics and actually demonstrate them live so that you see them happening in front of your eyes. I can show you all the technique and gradually build up your skills until you are comfortably and effortlessly meeting women during the day.

– You have tried this stuff yourself and can approach women but most of the interactions don’t last very long.

… I can work on diagnosing what exactly is going wrong. Something is “off” at the moment. I can tell you what that is and we can start the process of calibration. It could be any number of things that you are doing wrong. I will easily be able to diagnose and make the necessary corrections by demoing what you need to change if necessary.

– You can actually have decent conversations with women but keep getting put into the “friend zone”.

… This is one of the most common problems I see with clients. Usually its related to sexual presence and expressing your sexuality. We can work on imbuing you with a myriad of ways to achieve this so that you never get put into the friend zone again.

– You don’t know what to say to the girl and just run out of things to say and the conversation dies.

… Once I teach you the underlying principles of the model, this will not be a problem. I can also teach you some things you can say and some conversational techniques that ensure that you never run out of things to say again.

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