This will be your FIRST session and it’s possibly the only one you’ll need.

This is a one day introductory bootcamp. It will be a six hour thorough bootcamp with a detailed tailored structure given to you that will be easy to follow. This will also consist of in field approaching, with me demoing as necessary and providing feedback and guidance to you live. After the session you will get a full breakdown of everything we covered plus some more unique detailed observations that will help you continually improve.

After you have taken the 6 hour session, you can then take a 2-5 hour session at any other time but you must take the 6 hour session first as I will need the time to give you the best possible tailored approach I can. Once this has been done you are more than welcome to avail of a shorter time. Some clients like to do short intense in field approach mini bootcamps a few days/weeks after the initial 6 hour bootcamp. Some clients also just want to sit down and get some more guidance and answers to specific questions. We can work out your specific needs and get them handled.

(Alternatively, If you want to start things off with a TWO or THREE day intense bootcamp [or with a few days between each session], click HERE for 2-3 Day bootcamp prices)

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