Here are a small sample of some reviews that were posted by some guys who took a bootcamp with me on the IrishPUA forum. To see more, sign up at that forum.


Had a 1day bootcamp session with Paddy during the bank holiday just gone. I had seen reviews on this forum that convinced me to do it and basically had to come and give my own review based on my experience.

Other reviews have gone into the format of the class so I won’t go into that too much. I will say what really helped me was how well tailored Paddy’s approach is to Dublin and Ireland. Most of the daygame videos out there are based in London or America etc where its easy to be a face in the crowd and never seen again. After seeing paddy approach a few times I realized my anxieties about being seen or noticed by people were pretty much completely unfounded. His methods are covert and casual.

I’m quite a social person but had a few self restricting beliefs and anxieties that were acting as a barrier to me approaching women. Other people taking the course may be at a different stage to me but paddy tailored the lesson to me and all I felt I needed was that push. Which I got. 

On the day we were unforunate with the rainy weather and there were basically no women about.. So we only got to do about 5-6 approaches each. Because of this paddy, being very sound, offered to meet up again the next day for a few hours free of charge just so I got the best value for money I could. That second night I got a number close with a girl I have since met up with. I also in the meantime have been out by myself sarging and got a phone number off a girl who I have plans to meet up with two days from now. This would have never happened had i not taken the course. Both of these girls are two of the hottest girls I’ve ever dated.

I still feel a bit nervous about approaching women by myself, I think I always will. But I know now I can do it, and I now know so many more things are possible. Ive really entered a new phase in my life and I just regret not doing it sooner.

This review is purely self initiated, Paddy didn’t even suggest to do it or anything. Seriously can’t recommend the service highly enough although I will say results may vary based on what level you’re going in with. Good luck!


I just want to put a review up from my sarging session with Paddy. This wasn’t a formal coaching session because Paddy wasn’t coaching at this time. It was probably a little over a year ago now. I met up with Paddy at Trinity College and we spent a bit of time doing daygame. Well Paddy did daygame, I mostly watched and listened. I got some great tips from Paddy and got to actually see daygame done right in real life for the first time. He’s the best daygamer I’ve seen and I wish him well in his coaching venture. I’m going to have some proper coaching sessions with him and see how it goes. not really a review per say but I just wanted to give paddy a bit of credit because i got a lot that day


I took the course today and I was very impressed. I am completely new to day game and I was a bit sceptical as whether this stuff actually worked. Paddy got rid of any doubts very quickly.

I really liked the one on one format of the day. Paddy is a really nice guy and a very good teacher.

We sat down in Starbucks for an hour or so as Paddy explained to the ropes of how it all worked. We then went to a back alley (sounds a bit dodgy doesn’t it?) where Paddy got me to practice opening on him. This felt really strange but it definitely helped get me ready for the real thing. He then opened 6 or 7  stunners and got a phone number and an invitation to meet a girl on the town (Anna was the best Paddy!). I eventually found my balls and Paddy started pointing out girls to approach. I did 8 approaches in the end and they were all terrible! I felt a bit of a twat doing it but I could feel myself improving with each approach. I got one phone number off a little Spanish hottie (which is weird because that was probably one of my worst approaches so I probably won’t be hearing from her). Paddy pointed this girl out for me and explained the importance of choosing the right targets. She was casually sauntering about and you could tell she was a tourist so was quite easy to open. All the other girls I approached wouldn’t even stop walking so I walked with most of them!

It was quite funny at the end because two other day gamers spotted me and came over and said (are you daygaming?!). We exchanged details so hopefully I got a couple of good wing men now.  

I would highly recommend this course to any body. It was a great kick-start for me and great value. I was considering doing a boot camp with but that is 750 pounds and I would have had to pay for flights and accommodation in London, but 250 euros was a bargain compared to that!

I can’t wait to hit the streets again tomorrow, this nice weather has all the hotties out in force! 

Sorry for being late Paddy and thanks for the pint at the end.

Here’s a pic of the big man in action about to number close a nice Spanish girl..

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